We are a bunch of people dedicated to save what many have been forgotten as the ‘pride of our nation’. To see them being deprived of their natural habitat and their right to live is just very disheartening.

TPS is not just another NGO working for the benefits of the cat family. We at TPS believe that devotion towards the cause makes all the difference, much like the one which we have towards our cricket team. TPS works on two major aspects – awareness and conservation.

Protecting nature is no more a luxury, it’s a necessity. Not only tigers, but even other species need to be protected. Apart from ethical reasons and the fact that tigers are irreplaceable, saving the tigers also means keeping tabs on forests. Their deforestation has done nothing more than destroy nature.

We visit educational and corporate institutions to make people aware about the challenges that these felines face frequently and how they can contribute in saving them. We make them understand the needs of the tiger. Two things that a tiger can kill for are it’s prey and the territory. If both the necessities are snatched away from them, they’re bound to attack humans living on the outskirts of forests.

Besides that, the team makes patrolling trips to help officials tackle poaching, illegal trading and snares that are set to trap these animals. Staying up-to-date about these happenings is also essential. Hence, we keep posting updates and information on various social networking sites to make sure everyone is informed.

The Game Plan:

We aim to:

  • Organise more awareness programs across the country, especially around the Tiger Reserve villages.
  • Provide field-kits to anti-poaching camps and the Range officers.
  • Control waste management in and around tiger reserves and national parks to help decrease human-tiger conflict and save tigers from being dislocated from their natural habitat.
  • Conduct accurate tiger censuses regularly along with anti-snare programs.
    See a rise in the number of volunteers for the cause through our volunteering programs.
  • Collaborate with institutions that are against tiger trade and launch more number of rescue teams to save the tiger from becoming an extinct species.
  • Educate the forest and tribal masses who are usually instigated to indulge in capturing and killing the tigers and provide them with alternate employment opportunities.
  • Award research grants, fellowships, scholarships and prizes in accordance with the laws.
  • Start our legal program to support the prosecution of a number of important poaching and trade cases that involve the endangered species.