In the past few years I’ve discovered an entirely new world in the form of the cat family. I started with wildlife photography after I got my DSLR. Travelling to national parks and forests had become a part of the regular weekend plans. Though I was aware that tigers were an endangered species, it never really struck me how bad the situation was becoming with each passing day.

Once upon a time, tigers colonised every part of India’s forests. But between 1875 and 1925, 80,000 people were killed by people alone. Many factors contributed to this, one of them being humans hunting their natural prey. Deprived of their prey, these big cats turned to livestock, which made them a target for the people. By the 70s, the number of tigers in the country had dropped to a mere 1300.

We, at the Tiger Protection Society (TPS) are dedicated to saving the dying species. TPS is involved in organising anti – poaching camps at tiger reserves. The members and volunteers participate in these patrols which keep away poachers from killing the tigers. We hold regular anti-snare programs which aim at the removal of existing snares and dissuading further snaring through snare combing walks on a routine basis.

There are many reasons to save the tiger, some ethical and some ecological. This is why we don’t stop at that and focus even on controlling waste management activities and unwanted constructions within the reserve premises. This also contributes as an advantage to the decrease in man-animal conflict which is a common sight these days, no thanks to deforestation and constructions in the forest arena.

Tigers are a part of the pride of India. Also, as humans, it is our responsibility and obligation to nature to provide care to our fellow living beings. They’re a part of this world as much as the human kind. These cats preserve nature’s balance and provide us ecological security.

I’m aware that not everyone can feel as strongly about the issue as I do. But a little something from everyone will surely make a difference! Being well informed about the matter is half the battle won already. Tiger Protection Society was brought into existence for the same and a little more than just that. So we’ll do our bit and you do yours, and the world will be a better place for just about everyone – even our feline friends!