Tiger Protection Society (TPS) is a non-governmental custom-writing/ organisation that was founded in 2010 by a set of wildlife enthusiasts whose main concern was the preservation of India’s national animal – the tiger. Conservation to us is maintaing the tiger’s natural habitat – the forests, and making sure that they get their food. Not only poaching and trading, but even lack of prey poses a threat to these big cats.

Since the outset, the main aim has been to put the spotlight on the daunting task of tackling India’s tiger populace. This is done by administering support and data to the government authorities and the forest department. TPS deals in methods which help combat poaching and the problem of illegal trading of tiger skin, bones and the like.

Our objective is to accurately answer fundamental questions that people have regarding tigers and their conservation and give direction to those who desire to get involved proposal topic ideas for an essay. With increase in demands from all sectors, deforestation is taking place everywhere and there is little time left. Hence, TPS aspires to be more than just a platform for theoretical debate; we want to go out there, where the action is and change things for the better.

The TPS approach to conservation is rooted in our belief that it requires a sound understanding of ecology and threats to the endangered species. Apart from alerting people regarding these issues, we coordinate with other institutions that are involved in similar activities. There are laws and the system which is doing the same things that we do, but what they’re doing is just not enough. We need more support to act further and we need it NOW!